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Another fresh week and you know what time it is. It’s time to check out a new exxxtrasmall teen babe that loves sex in action and like the title says, petite babes need their share of thorough loving as well. This stud right here is all ready to get to use his nice and big cock to make sure that she’s pleased today and you get to see all the action. So let’s get right into the middle of this whole thing as you are about to see this cutie of a teen moan loudly in pleasure while she gets to get down and dirty and take it doggie style for this afternoon. We can guarantee that this gallery is filled to the brim with exxxtrasmall goodness here today. So let’s get started!


Just as always the cameras start to roll and out little lady is all ready to get to have some fun with the guy. Watch closely and see her playing and teasing as she gets to undress herself with the aid of the stud. She does the same for him, showing off that nice and big cock of his and then you can see her get on those cute knees and put her luscious lips to some great work as she manages to get him rock hard for her sweet cunt today. And naturally after that, you get to see her enjoying some proper sex too. Have fun with her scene here and we’ll be back soon once again to bring you some all new and all fresh updates. And do check out the past exxxtra small scenes for more too!

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ExxxtraSmall – Sending Nudes

Hey there guys and gals and welcome to another classy and hot exxxtrasmall scene here for the afternoon. We bring you yet once more some juicy and passionate content featuring some truly incredible and hot teens that like nothing more than fuck hard every day. And since they have a lot of time on their hands, you can bet that they are pretty much horny all the time. This babe in question right here, a blonde with bright blue eyes, is quite crazy about having sex and she just loves the whole idea. Let’s watch the exxxtrasmall teen babe as she gets to be wild and naughty while she sucks and fucks this guy off for the whole afternoon today shall we?

Anyway, having as much free time as she does, she was quite eager to get to munch on that hard cock of this guy’s for the afternoon and took her sweet time with it too. Watch as she slowly pulls down his pants and see her wrapping those luscious lips around his hard meat today too. You can see her sucking and deep throating the cock with a passion and showing off every bit of sexual talent that she has here today. We hope that you had fun checking her out in some sexy and sensual action for this scene and we’ll bring you some more new and gorgeous teens that love fucking next week as well. We’ll be seeing you all with more content then! Bye bye guys!


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Sweet Little Treats

It’s time once more to check out a new and lovely exxxtrasmall scene with another little cute teen and she’s also one that aims to impress with her lovely scene here. She’s a ballerina and her boyfriend came to pick her up from practice today. It was a Friday and the babe could’t be more happy to be done with training for the week and unwind for the next two or three days. And her first order of business is the get to have the guy’s cock all to herself for the afternoon. Let’s sit back and watch closely how she gets busy right from the start and you can check her out using her hands to masterfully jack off on his hard and big cock in today’s exxxtra small scene.


Well even on the car ride home, she still couldn’t help but slide her hand in his pants and start teasing his cock too. So watch as she gets really busy with that and once they barge in through the front door, straight to the bedroom they go. Apart from her hand job skills, this beauty is quite good at oral as well so that got displayed too without delay today. Then you can see her fucking in every kinky position possible on the bed as she has fun. It’s a glorious exxxtrasmall scene and we truly hope that you adored it. We’ll be returning soon with another collection for you so make sure that you get to stay tuned to catch it without fail everyone. Bye bye for now!

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ExxxtraSmall – Piper Perri

In this new exxxtrasmall scene we have quite the treat for you to check out and we bet that you will just love it. The scene features none other than the super energetic blonde teen Piper Perri and one of her marvelous sex scenes. And this scene is one that you are most definitely going to want to check out today. Piper, as you know, is a very lustful and sensual blonde little lady and when she gets in the mood for a fuck, she has no qualms about making the guys fuck her in every way possible too. So let’s see this exxxtra small teen getting 100% nasty on camera and watch her having fun with this black stud that that fucks her all over the place this afternoon!

Piper Perri is superbly happy herself to be back here and show off once again. And as her exxxtrasmall scene begins you can see her wear a classy revealing outfit that put her slim and sexy curves on display too. The guy gets to have the honor of undressing her slowly and surely as she gently moans and plays with his big cock, getting him more and more excited. After some nice oral as well, sit back and watch miss Perri as she gets to take that massive cock nice and deep inside of her lovely pussy for the afternoon without delay. She gets to moan loudly as the guy fucks her pussy balls deep full nelson style as well as you can see. So enjoy it and see you soon!


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Taking It To The Hole

Another fresh week and time to get to check out a brand new exxxtrasmall scene here today with another lovely little hottie. She’s a hot little blonde babe and it seems that this afternoon, she and this fuck buddy of hers went to have some fun at the mini golf course. If any of the babes around this place are anything to judge other teens around here by, is that they get horny superbly fast and they want to fuck non stop when that happens. So naturally, this blonde to to feel the same too. Let’s see her and the guy banging hard on the couch in this exxxtra small scene here and you can enjoy another passionate and hard fuck going down on your screens today!


Like we mentioned her mood to play that game was radically changed to being horny after spending some time with the guy and without too much discussion, the two headed back to her place. The guy knows fully well what that entails when the petite teen babe just wants to up and leave and he’s more than happy to provide relief to her today with his thick cock. Let’s get right to it and watch as the blonde cutie gets to have the time of her life bending over on that white leather couch and takes it nice and hard here today from behind. Take the time to truly enjoy the view and we’ll see you again soon enough with another new gallery and a new petite cutie!

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ExxxtraSmall – Can U Teach Me

This week exxxtrasmall returns with a brand new and fresh update and we’re sure that you’ll give it all the attention that it needs today too. In this one you can see another slutty petite teen that gets to get down and dirty but this time there’s a difference. She thinks that she’s still way to inexperienced to consider herself a true slutty woman so she had this guy over to teach her some more about the pleasures of sex. So let’s not waste time and get right to it as you are about to see this exxxtra small teenie that loves sex so much,  having some cock in her mouth and pussy for the whole afternoon. And trust us when we say that you won’t be able to take your eyes off her!

The tiny and sexy babe gets to play with this guy in the back yard near the pool as she has this sort of gazebo out there with a nice and comfy bed too. And since it was nice and warm outside it was just perfect for them to get to play kinky with one another for your viewing pleasure. Watch her start off with some passionate cock sucking to make sure that he’s all nice and hard to begin with and you get to enjoy the sight of this babe wrapping her juicy luscious lips around his mighty cock. Anyway, watch her and the guy having tons of fun today and see you soon with much more new content too.


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The Last Pikahoe

Today we’re back with a brand new exxxtrasmall scene and another little lady that gets kinky. And we bet that you’ll just adore this one here without delay too. The title is a bit fitting to this as this babe here is quite the naughty and sexy little hoe that likes to fuck hard and fast and it was only natural to pair her with a guy that can give her anything that she wants. Well, let’s just get the show going and see this little beauty play hard today without delay shall we everyone? we know you want to get to see the action too. And rest assured that this exxxtra small scene is full of images of this babe moaning loudly as she gets to be fucked hard!


Anyway, the petite and adorable little lady was wearing a pretty thematic outfit for this one and that’s why the title of this scene is what it is. Enjoy checking out this babe sucking that cock as soon as the guy whips it out as the petite blonde wants to have it all nice and prepared for her lovely and eager pussy. And after some passionate oral, she gets to take off her clothes and let herself be plowed hard style for your viewing pleasure. But what makes her scene truly great is when she gets to present her face when the guy blows his load and ens up covered in his man juices today. It’s quite amazing and we hope to have this cutie around more in the future!

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Trillium Gets Railed

Hey there again everyone and welcome back once more to a new exxxtrasmall hottie getting railed hard in the pussy. This week’s little rising porn star is none other than a very adorable and cute teen babe by the name of Trillium and as you can see, she has shoulder long hair in a pixie cut of sorts, plus bright blue eyes. Do rest assured that she knows how good looking she is and adorable and she always likes to make use of her charms to have fun with guys packing big cocks. Well let’s watch this exxxtrasmall cutie taking one home once more and watch her fucking him all day long today too. It’s quite the must see scene here today!

So she ended up taking her sweet time to ride his nice and mighty cock because when she pulled down his pants, it revealed one nice and massive dick that she was going to play with and she was quite pleasantly surprised too. Well with that being said, watch her make quick work of the sexy clothes she had herself and see her putting her luscious and energetic lips to work on getting it nice, big and hard for her sweet pussy today. And once that’s done see her assume the position too. Anyway, Trillium is just amazing and she’s just too cute when she gets to fuck hard as well. Enjoy her scene and come back soon for another new and refreshing update! We’ll be waiting for you all right here!


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ExxxtraSmall – Alexia Gold

Hey there guys, the star of this week’s exxxtrasmall scene is Alexia Gold, another petite cutie that adores getting nasty on camera and she’s not shy about showing it off to you all today. Let’s get the show moving and see this beauty in her very own juicy and amazing fuck fest with a horny stud packing a big cock. You can check her out getting all nasty and kinky with the guy as she gets to spread her legs nice and wide on the bed and let his mighty cock stretch her pussy nice and wide today. So let’s not delay any longer and let’s check out the exxxtrasmall babe as she gets to have tons of fun fucking hard style on camera for you all today shall we?


As soon as the cameras start rolling, our little beauty here begins her little sex adventure show with some juicy and kinky stripping, showing off just how good her body looks from every angle all nude as well. And she’s pretty good at parading herself all over the place too as you will soon see. Anyway, the best part is of course her getting nasty and so, watch her whip out that cock and see her sucking it with a passion to make sure that it’s all nice and hard. After that she spreads her legs for the guy and takes a balls deep pounding for the camera and you. Enjoy it and do come again soon for another new gallery and another new and juicy little lady!

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Cassidy Klein – Tiny Dancer Fucked

Exxxtrasmall is here with more all fresh and all new scenes for you to enjoy and check out and naturally a sexy and petite babe is all ready to show off her skills on sex for you and the cameras. So let’s just take our time to check the hottie out in some superb action here today. She’s quite horny and eager to get to do some hard style fucking and you jsut have to sit back and check her out in action without delay here today. The name of this exxxtra small lady is Cassidy Klein and she knows every good way to ride a cock too. Lets take our time to see miss Cassidy getting her sweet and eager wet pussy pumped today and watch her ride hard!

It looks like miss Klein and the lucky stud that she gets to bang get to do so in the foyer of her house. She has a nice little massage table set up and the guy gets to touch her all over when the scene starts. Let’s get right to the action as you get to watch Cassidy moaning gently in pleasure while the guy gets all touchy feely. Then the lovely and adorable cutie gets to work the cock too and eventually gets to take her spot on top with legs spread nice and wide too. We hope that you had your fun checking her out as she fucks hard style and we’ll be back again soon with another new scene for you! Bye bye and remember to come by and check it out!


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