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ExxxtraSmall Video – Tia Cyrus

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new exxxtrasmall scene here once more. And just like last week’s update, it’s another incredible video. This time featuring miss Tia Cyrus, a small little lady with jet black hair that likes to fuck a lot too. Well as do most babes here. Anyway, Tia here is getting teased by this taller black stud and she starts to tease him back about his dick, claiming that it’s probably small. Well, she’s going to see just how wrong she is as soon the guy whips it out of his pants and shows it off to this exxxtrasmall lady. Well you can bet that they ended up having a good fuck in the living room today and you get to watch it all!

When we get started, the sexy teen is just about done with her teasing and wanting to see the proof of that big cock today. The guy obliges and as soon as he whips it out, the petite teen just can't hold herself back from sucking and slurping on it with a passion. And once she's had her fill of man meat in her mouth, watch her tight holes getting filled with that huge cock as well. As you know, this is the best place to come and check out some sexy little ladies in action every week and we never disappoint with the exxxtra small content. Take your time to see this little beauty in action and then do return soon for more. Also check out the past scenes for more sexy shows too!
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ExxxtraSmall Video – Elaina Raye

Hey there guys and gals. Welcome to a new and enticing exxxtrasmall scene featuring a superb little video this time. Pun intended. Anyway, the main star of this one is none other than the cute and lovely miss Elaina Raye, a blonde babe with short hair that loves nothing more than to fuck hard and she’s pretty happy to get to show off to you all this fine afternoon here. Well, let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s watch this cutie having her fun in the new and incredible exxxtrasmall scene here for the afternoon without delay. You can bet that her sexy video here has her fucking all over the place too and you get to see each and every single second of it too!

When you first see the lovely little blonde, she’s on the couch laying on her back all naked, with those simply stunning body curves in full view. And the guy seems to be getting busy getting all touchy feely with her perky tits as well while he gets to eat out that deliciously sweet, wet pussy of hers too. Well, she’s not one to not reward some good work, and so, you get to watch her get right on top of his thick and hard cock. See her bounce up and down as she moans in pleasure for the whole duration of the exxxtra small video and enjoy it to the fullest. We’ll be right back to you next week with another new and fresh video, so make sure that you drop by to check it out!

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Fantasy Becomes Reality

Welcome back. Time to see a new and hot exxxtrasmall babe getting wild and kinky on camera today and obviously she gets herself a guy with a nice and big cock to play with for the whole afternoon. One thing that you really need to know about this petite blonde teen with shoulder long hair is that she is as horny as any other petite teen that we had around this place, so you can expect her to get down and dirty in a pretty impressive manner this afternoon. This juicy and hot exxxtrasmall babe was willing to show off her oral skills for this scene and all you need to do is sit back and relax as you get to watch the beauty using those luscious lips to suck some serious cock this afternoon!


The show begins with the stud laying on the bed and the babe making her entry. You can see her sporting a sexy and shiny shirt, and nothing else. Really, she had nothing else on. And she does take her time to show off her cute butt and pink pussy as well before anything. But that cock was in need of her attention here today, so check her out as she wraps her lips around it and starts to suck it. She’s quite amazing at it and she has the guy moaning in pleasure at the oral action she gives him in no time. We’ll be back again once more next week with some more galleries, but until then, enjoy this one and this lovely beauty in action!

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ExxxtraSmall – Wanna Play

It’s that time of the week again everyone and you know what that means. It’s time for a new exxxtrasmall scene to be brought to you once more and naturally it has one blonde beauty that gets herself some juicy action that you can check out and you simply must do so today. Anyway, let’s get the show going as this tattooed blonde beauty was eager to taker herself a nice and thorough dicking today and this scene that she’s featured in is simply a must see here today. Let those exxxtrasmall cameras roll and you can enjoy this unique treat as you can see the blonde moaning loudly as she gets fucked hard for the whole duration of her scene here!

She was engaged in a game of pool with this guy and she decided to have a little bet going with the guy. If she’d lose, he’d get to fuck her today and guess who got motivated to win after that. Anyway, she was kind of in the mood to get a dicking anyway so watch this busty blonde show off her big round tits for the guy and the cameras first and foremost as she gets ready to do the deed. Then they go for it right on the pool table and you can check her out moaning in pleasure as she gets her plowing for the afternoon. We’re sure she’s going to have your full attention this afternoon and you can also be sure that there’s going to be even more new and fresh exxxtra small scenes next week too!


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Holly Hendrix Boat Slut

Another fresh week and we get a taste of a brand new and fresh exxxtrasmall update just like always. You guys and gals know full well what to expect around here lately so you can certainly rest assured that this week’s update has the same amount of teen action with lots and lots of sex. This gallery brings you the sexual adventures of the lovely and cute little miss Holly Hendrix, a busty little teen with jet black hair and a love for fucking hard. Sit back and get ready to have your socks rocked off by this exxxtra small beauty here today as you get to see her go full naughty mode and let this guy with a big cock stretch her wet pussy nice and wide today too!


She also gets to play on the living room couch today and makes no fuss about it as she’s all eager and ready to have something nice and wide in her sweet pussy. But first and foremost you can check her out taking a bit of time to tease you with a nice and kinky little strip show today. But you can bet that she was eager to get to have a nice and big cock in her pussy too so let’s just watch her take the time to spread those nice and long legs and let’s watch her enjoying her hard style plowing as she moans loudly in pleasure while having that cock fuck her sweet pussy nice and deep for the whole afternoon today shall we? You can bet that you get to see more next week as well!

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ExxxtraSmall – Trinity Rae

For this week’s naughty little exxxtrasmall sex session we have another new and lovely lady that’s ready to party and eager to get a nice and thick piece of man meat all to herself. Either way, you can expect quite a nasty and passionate fuck fest with this babe here and the guy she was with and trust us when we say that you simply must take your time to check it out without delay here today. She has long curly hair and body curves to die for and she knows just how to be a little cock tease as well when she wants too. Let’s enjoy the view of this exxxtra small babe as she gets to have the time of her life fucking nice and hard for your entertainment and the camera shall we?

As soon as the cameras start to roll, you get to watch the lovely babe making her entry to the show with the guy right behind her. And as soon as they are in the room you can see sensual and passionate caressing and kissing getting done as the two are very eager to party. Check out the babe having the guy help her undress first and you can see her reveal her pair of perky and eager natural tits that are always seeking attention too. Before you know it, the two are all naked and getting nasty and you can see our babe bend over to take it doggie style today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay here today and we’ll bring you some more new updates next week too!


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Pussy Intruder

Today is a special day and you know exactly why. We have a new exxxtrasmall scene for you to see here today. This week brings you another sexy dark haired teen here as you can see that gets all nasty and naughty for you and the camera and you can check her out fucking hard in her very own scene. Now the title of this one may sound like a random guy entered her house, but it’s her boyfriend. So anyway, let’s watch the two of them have some fun in today’s juicy exxxtra small scene without delay and you can see some sensual and sexy scenes featuring this small beauty as she gets down and dirty with the guy’s big cock for the afternoon.


Well as the scene starts off, the small and sexy lady is in her bedroom bed trying to study. She’s home all alone as her folks left to do shopping and she’s all alone. The guy sneaks in through her window pleasantly surprising her and to her exclaiming that she thought he’d never get here before the parents come back. Anyway, she’s the one that actually called on him earlier as she was horny as hell and wanting to get some cock today. See her whip out the dude’s dick out of his pants and watch her use her expert tongue and juicy lips to suck and deep throat it too. That’s just the appetizer for what she was going to do next, so sit around and check it out too!

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ExxxtraSmall – Tiny Hippy Latina

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to a new and superb exxxtrasmall scene here today. Of course, you get to check out another nasty and hard style fuck session this afternoon with another petite beauty showing off just how good she is at fucking in her lovely scene here today. Well kind of. She’s a Latina as you can see, but she’s also a hippie that loves trees and she decided to protect one from a big bad logger dude. Well, you can imagine that she put herself in quite the pinch as the guy found her to be quite attractive. So let’s watch this beauty in her exxxtra small scene today as she gets to be fucked from behind as she moans in pleasure!

Truth be told, we think that she may just have wanted an excuse to have a nice and big guy like him get to fuck her thoroughly as she didn’t even tie herself properly to the thing. Either way, when the clothes come off, you get the sight of her stunningly beautiful and petite body and the guy, rest assured, agrees full with that. So watch him grope her perky natural tits and eager pink pussy for a big to tease her and then see him going deep in her cunt from behind. You get to see that cute and small round ass jiggle as she gets to take it balls deep and she seems to be enjoying herself quite a lot too. We’ll see you again next week with another lovely update guys!


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Quit Taping This

Hey there guys and welcome to a new exxxtrasmall scene here today. We’ve got some more all new and fresh scenes with another petite and sexy teen babe that gets to have some naughty fun. And in this one you can sit back and relax as you get to check out a superb Latino teen in action for a change today. She gets to do quite a lot of nasty stuff around he bedroom in that bed and you can be sure that you get to check it all out as the camera caught all the action from every possible angle here today. Just take the time to enjoy the show and watch as this cute exxxtrasmall teen gets to bend over and fuck doggie style for her naughty little scene here today.


She enters her bedroom followed closely by the guy and you know that she’s up to some nasty stuff. Once on her bed, you can check her out making quick work of her clothes and the guys’ and once all naked, see her engage in a nice sixty nine, sucking that thick cock with a passion while she also gets her sweet pussy eaten as well. Anyway, all that oral was some nice foreplay and the babe was superbly wet and ready to play naughty. Sit back and watch as she gets to then bend over for the guy and see her moan in pleasure while she gets to take it from behind nice and hard for the rest of the scene. It’s a great gallery and there will be even more to see next week!

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ExxxtraSmall – Small Step Sis

Well here we are with a new exxxtrasmall scene for you to sit back and enjoy and naturally another new and lovely little lady that gets to have some sensual action today without delay. This petite teen here was in dire need of some man meat and the guy was around so she decided why the hell not go for it. That resulted in this simply glorious and amazing fuck fest that goes down with this petite cutie today and you just have to see the action going down in this one. Well let’s just take the time to see the cute and adorable exxxtrasmall beauty as she gets to take herself a nice and thorough dicking from the lucky guy all day long today too. We can pretty much guarantee that you will adore her!

As soon as the cameras begin to roll you can see that the setting is the living room on that white leather couch and she seems pretty eager to get down and dirty too. Take your time to see another luscious and superb strip show with her and you can check her out revealing those sexy and luscious body curves for you all to begin with. Then the guy cock gets all her attention as she starts to suck it. She needs it nice and hard for her pussy and when she does finally let the guy go balls deep in her cunt, you can check her out flexing her body around in some naughty positions too. She’s just amazing and we hope to see her more in future updates!


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